Our gourmet grocery buyer is constantly seeking out and tasting specialty foods from around the world, bringing together the best of the basics and the best of the uniquely sumptuous gourmet packaged foods.

Complimenting our fine cheeses, we are well stocked with many crackers like Whitney’s Hand-made Cracker from VT, Dealia’s Hazelnut and Fig Biscuits from Ohio and Waterwheel Fine Wafers from Australia. Add some Dalmatia Fig Spread, Mitica Marcona Almonds and some Napa Valley Bistro Olives and presto you have a party.

Try filling some bowls with these snacks such as “Boca Grande Nut & Cracker Cocktail Mix”, J.M. Macy’s Cheese Crisps, Crème Brulee Almonds or our best seller- Pop’d Kerns Amazing Corn Snack- guaranteed to be irresistible.

Talk about irresistible, one word – chocolates. It is difficult for most visitors to walk by our Truffle case without giving in to temptation. These delectable Truffles are hand-made by skilled artisans from fresh whipping cream, pure butter and the finest quality chocolate, just for us, by Sweet Shop USA in Texas. Another confection treasure comes from the New England seacoast. The Harbor Sweets Company is well known for their signature “Sweet Sloop” which is a sailboat shaped almond butter crunch, with a mainsail and jib of white chocolate floating in dark chocolate with pecan spindrift at her sides – oh so good! Along with these lines we carry other delicious sweets, cookies and candies.

Also available are oils, vinegars, mustards, cornichons, capers, herbs de provence, sea salts, whole pepper, dressings, tapenades, pepper jelly, salsas and so much more.

We can’t forget the morning starting with whole bean coffees from award winning roasters, Coffee Masters of Chicago and we will grind these to your specifications. Try one of “Grandma’s Coffee Cakes” from Boston and your sunrise on the island will be perfect.