We ♥ cheese! We know this is cliché but we do love cheese and we want you to also.

Our love affair with cheese starts by attending as many trade shows as possible and tasting as many cheeses as humanly possible, to find the best imported and domestic cheese available anywhere.

Then we bring it in to our store “to meet the customers” in hopes our specially selected cheeses meet their approval. Our high standards features a well balanced cheese department with domestic, artisanal and farmstead cheeses from U.S. cheese capitals such as California, Wisconsin, Vermont, New York, Washington State and rising stars from Georgia, Utah and Florida. Our classic imports fly in from France, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Norway.

The Grapevine’s knowledgeable staff will be happy to introduce you to one special cheese or to assist you in pairing a creative mix of delicious cheeses. We hand – cut the majority of cheese we stock, which gives you the exact amount of product you need and the option to buy smaller amounts to take home to try out. We also encourage in-store sampling whenever possible - yum!

We also offer pâtés, cream cheese tortas and caviar as well as a huge compliment of crackers, biscuits, wafers and toasts to be eaten with all these gourmet delights. Marcona almonds, fig spread, olives, aged balsamic vinegar are some of the accompaniments that could be the perfect marriage to your cheese purchase.

Click on our catering menu for a list of some of the cheeses we stock